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Monday, 3 December 2012

Scissors, paper and glue; a bountiful bundle of work to do...

This Christmas season I have decided to make my own cards!

I am bored of the commercial store bought variety and felt like creating some myself...each individual and unique.
I also ended up making my own envelopes - that was quite a monotonous task, but had to be done as there is no way I could find envelopes to fit the cards I had made (varying sizes and shapes).

So far I have made 25, to post out to friends and family...
And here is the main reason for the card making- M. and I are not travelling anywhere for Christmas and are not participating in any big family get togethers!!!

My Dr's have said the the combined travel and the stress and family get togethers is just too much this year with everything that has happened.
The want me to have a relaxed Christmas, with as little stress as possible, so that I can continue to focus on getting better.
I will definitely miss spending time with our families this season, but it will be a great excuse for a get away after all the holiday hype has settled to go for a few trips and visit everyone!!!


This weekend past marked the start of the holiday season, many have put up tree's and started decorating, ours is still not ready (will be soon).

I hope we all have a safe happy holiday season.