A healthy food & lifestyle blog specifically catering for & dealing with the symptoms & conditions of : Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) & Intracranial Hypertension (IH).
Looking at healthy food & food alternatives- redesigning classic recipes & new recipes;
Dealing and living with chronic health conditions on a daily basis- & research about the conditions;
Alternative therapies & remedies, gardening, arts & crafts...
Before undertaking any recipes found on this blog please look to the note in 'Cookery' !


Just a Note:
When it comes to cooking I don't actually measure things while I cook, I ad-lib and end up with something brilliant or something abysmal...I enjoy the freedom of it, and if it doesn't turn out so well I make mental notes and just laugh about it!
I will give rough guesstimate amounts for people, but do not take my word as law, if you think it needs more or less do so.


Learnt at my 'mothers knee'. Cooking at home
Used to be a kitchen hand and Chef

Cooking for health...
A move away from dairy and wheat based meals and recipes.
Substitues for dairy- rice milk, almond cream and milk, coconut cream and milk
                       - nuttlex and olive oil
Substitutes for wheat- corn flour, rice flour, mixture of a few flours
                        - pasta- corn and rice pasta
                        - couscous alternatives??? brown rice couscous; quinoa, millet?

A move away from refined sugar
Trying out Stevia- tea /coffee
Sugar substitutes- low GI cane sugar

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