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Monday, 29 October 2012

A bit like a roller coaster...

Lately my health seems to be a bit like a roller coaster, things slowly get better for a few days but then take a turn for the worse. Rinse cycle repeat- doing the same thing again but perhaps things are still slowly going up?! MAYBE- I dunno, who knows???
This could be because I am pushing through the pain to get things done, find distractions for the pain .... and in turn I end up pushing myself too far and end up in worse pain than what I was before that!
But is this ok to do???
Some athletes with physical constraints do this all the time, it takes a while to get to the end goal but they get there.  OR the rest of them end up running themselves into the ground and end up ten times worse off compared to where they started.

I have no @$#%ing idea to be honest! People have repeatedly told me in the past to keep a journal for my pain, and I have- sort of- I document when I start new medications, when I stop medications, when I get new symptoms, when I have really bad days, when I go to hospital and what happens in my Dr's/ specialists/ therapy consults.
But lately I have had a handful of people close to me (who understand what is going on and just how much I am in pain) have been telling me that I need to keep a more thorough journal.
I need to write about exercises, stretches, but also how far/ long I could do something- how that made me feel.
When hearing these things I waved them away, "yeah, but I am no good a keeping journals" is something I would say to get out of doing it.
But I think now the time has come that I really do need to write all of this down, otherwise how are we going to learn what my threshold is and if I am on the overall getting better or worse.
Yesterday morning  M. and I had an argument about why I wasn't committing to writing a more thorough journal and what he would like to see happen in the next few months. It is bloody hard to have an argument when your words and memory fail you (thanks brain!) but I did let him know that sometimes it feels like he doesn't want me to do anything. 
This then turned into a very productive discussion about how we can look at setting short term and long term goals for me, but also both of us. How I am going to document what is going on (in the end I did agree with him, I do need to do it) and who I show this to.
It will help me keep track of what is going on, and give an overall picture of how things have been over a period of time.

It has been hard this past week to see any improvements what so ever, as I have got my period... hooray o_O
It is not nice to say the least and I am in a hell of a lot of pain! I have used as many of my pain meds as possible and I have gone through 3 night time pads today already (I can't use tampons because they hurt too much). I have shooting pains in my right side (not the side I ovulated from, we think there is endo there) and down my legs.
My head has not been playing nice and has added to my pain, so for now I am using an ice pack on my pelvis, and icepack on my head and I am focusing on anything that can distract me long enough for the pain to settle a little!!!

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