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Friday, 13 April 2012


This year for Easter M. & I decided to stay in and have a fairly relaxing long weekend.
So I planned the few days before hand to make chocolates like I used to as a child with mum and my brothers at this time of year. Mum gave me the moulds as she doesn't use them anymore!

So YAY chocolate!!!!
I made heaps of chocolate and many different varieties.
There was dark, milk and white; some plain chocolate, some filled and two different types of rocky road.

Now if you have never tempered then I suggest you have a few practise go's.
I generally put on a pot of water, fill it a little way, place a glass bowl into the pot (the water should be just skimming the bottom of the bowl). 
You then add the chocolate and you can also add copha (vegetable shortening) to help set the chocolate.
Using a spatula stir the chocolate away from the side and bottom of the bowl. Continue to do this till it is completely melted. Some bubbles more occure from the heating of the chocolate, if this happens then your chocolate is well and fully ready.
Set it aside to cool for a bit before working with it.

The two different types of rocky road a made were:
- Snakes, M&M's and crushed nuts.
-Turkish delight, marshmellows and crushed nuts.
Some of the fillings I made were:
- Spearmint
- Mint
- Orange
- Coffee
- Caramel
- Passion fruit
- Golden rough (shredded coconut mixed with chocolate)

* I made all of the cream fillings using just icing sugar, flavourings, colourings and a drizzle of water (so that it they were gooey, don't add too much water as they become runny)*

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