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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Returning to my blog... update and travels...

I know I have been absent for some time now but I promise there has been a good reason. I have been all over the place, so I thought I would share some photo's and info about my travels...

Christmas with mum was nice, nice and quiet. We had a picnic at Bowen Park on Lake Burley Griffin and relaxed in the afternoon.

Bowen Park on Lake Burley Griffin, ACT
New Years we spent with friends in Pacific Palms, spent two nights talking and drinking followed some time at the beach, lovely cool water that was really clear blue.
Boomerang Beach in Pacific Palms
I then spent a week in Brisbane meeting the new addition to the family and playing catch up with a lot of relatives.  Mum took myself and Trish to see Mary Poppins at the QPAC, all I can say is wow IT WAS AMAZING!!!
On the way to Bris I travelled friends (they were going to a wedding) and we stopped in to Mount Tamborine Distellery, sampled some local fudge... oooh so yummy (I got Lemon meringue and Mint Baileys).
I also took the chance to also visit my Nanna and Grandfather in Murwillumbah while I was up north.
Mt Tamborine Distillery Garden
My best friend Rebecca (aka Tilly) in
Mt Taborine
about to sample some local fudge
Driving back down from Mt Tamborine
Brand new parents Leigh (my brother) and
Trish with their gorgeous baby girl Isla
A milk drunk baby Isla
Mt Warning, the central volcanic
remnant of an ancient extinct volcano
in the Tweed Valley (veiw from my Grandparents)
Self explanitory really...
I was then able to re cooperate at home for a while, then I went to a NSW Launch for BODY SHOP, yes I am now an at home body shop consultant, so you will be hearing more about this in the future. That was a really great day and I am glad I am doing it with my best friend Tilly, we got the new catalogues and also over $300 in product for free to put towards our kit. I am in love with the new products and I have had my first party...

The weekend just past I travelled back to Queanbeyan and did my first Body Shop party for mum! I was nervous and stumbled on a few things, skipped the order of 'play' with the products but hey they didn't know so it's all good. I had just over $500 in sales and took home roughly $125 in personal volume = D
Beautiful sunset on the drive
south to Queanbeyan
Drive north of Queanbeyan - Lake George NSW

So that is what I have been up to this last month and a bit...
I am looking forward to getting back into my sewing and painting, I want to finish 'doe-full' (the painting) before uni starts up (OH yeah other news I got accepted into Uni for this semester and am going to slowly ease back into the academic life).

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