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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas sewing...

Each year my family gets together for Christmas, generally before hand, to spend time together and share gifts. I am one of four children in my family and now that we are all grown up and have partners that number doubles.. so 8 people and that's without the kids!!
So a year or two ago we decided to do Kris Kringle among the adults. We get together a few weeks to a month before Christmas, draw a name out a hat and keep it a secret!

This year I got one of sister-in-law's and decided that instead of buying something I would buy fabric and make her something... This culminated in the making of a beach bag = D 
I also got her a Coconut body butter and Berry Lip Balm.... YAY for Body Shop discounts!
We also got presents for my niece's and nephew's. For the boy's, as they are brothers, we got them things they can share and play with ~ JENGA, awesome game for kids and adults, and great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills; and OPERATION, this one isn't the patient on the table but a pig who has eaten too much and you have to take the food out of its belly.... the nose still lights and and there is a sound when you touch the edges. This game is great fun and we got this version as their little sister is still quite young and is still in the phase of exploring her world through putting things in the mouth!

For their little sister we got her a plush baby Eeyore, a pillow with a case I hand made....
She had lots of shirts with fabric motifs and pictures on them, they no longer fit so her mum gave them to me and said I could do what I wanted with them.... So plush pillow that is very cute ~ I kind of didn't want to give it to her in the end but keep it as it was so cute and also comfortable!  

My other niece will get her present when I am up in Brisbane after New Years and I get to meet her... soooo excited!!

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