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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I have started the process of painting a picture for my blogs namesake.... doe-full. 
So far it is a basic sketch but I like it.
Because it is a bought pre streched canvas with the material stapled to the sides instead of wrapping around the frame I am unsure whether I should paint the sides as well of give the painting a black border or leave it white. Decisions decisions.

50's pin up dress design

I am also having difficulty with my sewing. I am in the process of making a 1950's pin up style dress and I have done the skirt and the petticoat, I have cut out most of the pieces for the top half. Though I am having difficulty with putting it all together as I cannot pin it on myself and I do not have a mannequin = (

Back taken off,
lace back added
Cotton singlet

I have made/ altered other items of clothing in the mean time and I am really happy with them.

My garden is growing quite well, last season (Autumn/ Winter) our snow peas took over. They have now perished and in their place we have broad beans, fabulous for salads = D
We also have new seedlings: parsley (two types), basil, rocket, lettuce, spring onions, chilli, capsicum, chives, and marigolds.

Hopefully soon they will be ready for the picking.

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