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Thursday, 27 October 2011

A change in weather

I know most people love summer and hot days, don't get me wrong I love summer but not the scorching days.

Having endo has changed my life in sooo many ways, enjoying summer and the heat included.
Due to the abundance of inflammation in my body I personally give off enough heat, as my pyshio states "you could cook and egg on my pelvis"... I am literally that hot!

The weekend just past had pretty nice temps (high 20°c’s), but Monday was getting a bit too hot for me, it was 32°c. I know that isn't that hot but come on it's still spring, and even other people were complaining about the heat that day!
I am glad that we got a cool change on Tuesday, I was in Sydney for one of my many Dr. appts when it started raining. My partner (M.) rang me and told me it was raining at my place, I let him know it had started raining here and he asked if i was smiling... yes, yes I was!
He knows how the temp affects me, my body and yes even my moods. When I got home M. was there and I flung my arms around him, to which he stated "about time, I have been waiting for you to do that".

When I was younger I would spend most of my day outside in the sun getting frecklier by the minute. I would spend hours just enjoying the sun, we would frequent the beach at least 3 times a week and at home I would spend my time out in the fields with animals.
Now days I still love the sun and I still frequent the beach often but instead of lying on the sand catching the suns glorious rays I spend most of the time in the water cooling off. If I were to 'sunbake' temperatures would have to be  in the 20°c's to low 30°c's.

When it gets hot I am too hot! I can't stand being in a place with lots of people and little airflow (the train for example), I am NOT able to snuggle up to M. let alone hold his hand.... I find his added body temp just too much!!
Literally last summer M. made me ice baths just to cool down. A cold shower or the beach sometimes wasn't enough, and seeing as we don't have air con in our apartment ice baths was the go. I know it sounds horrible to some and even now when I think about them I get shivers down my spine, but in summer I look forward to them = D

I am contemplating moving to the south coast, where generally temps are lower but at the moment the housing/ apartment market (buying and renting) is just so well...crap!
So in the mean time I think it is high time I bought another fan and when summer comes a little closer, it is time to stock pile ice cubes = P

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