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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bacon Mushroom Thyme and Chicken Pasta in a Garlic White Wine Sauce...

This delicious creamy full-bodied pasta is a remake of the classic white wine garlic sauce, but is has a complete shift in the nutritional value due to the substitution of ingredients...
...you can enjoy a creamy pasta without it hitting your hips (as much) and without the side effects of a glutenous dairy meal.

Serves: 4
   500g packet GF/WF pasta, I used amaranth and corn spirals
     (with a little bit of left over rice and corn penne)
   3 rashes bacon, trimmed and cut into short ribbons
   3 garlic cloves, finely diced
   1 small onion, diced
   2 large handfuls of small field mushrooms, peeled and sliced
   large handful fresh thyme, leaves pulled off
   1/3 white wine
   1/4 cup GF/WF flour
   1 tbsp vegan spread or cooking oil (I used olive oil)
   3-4 cups oat milk or rice milk enriched with chickpeas
      (depends on the consistency you like- rice milk on it's own is
             naturally too sweet for a savoury dish)
  1. In a large skillet or sauce pan, on medium heat, add oil chicken and bacon.
    Cook, whilst stirring, until the chicken is almost cooked through but is yet to pick up any colour (you do not want this- well it's ok, but better if it doesn't).
    Using tongs place the chicken and bacon into a small bowl, set aside.
  2. Add the onions, sauteing until they are slightly translucent, add flour; stir in and allow the flavour to be picked up for a few seconds before adding the milk.
    Stir in the milk and wine, slowly adding until a sauce forms.
  3. Add the chicken, bacon, mushrooms and thyme allow to simmer for roughly 10-15 on low heat, if need be add more milk if it becomes too thick.
  4. Meanwhile cook the pasta al dente. Drain the pasta and tip back into the large pot the pasta cooked in, pour/ ladle in the sauce and all of its yummy bits, give it a bit of a stir to coat the pasta.
    Serve with some home made garlic bread and a garden salad to share.

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