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Monday, 22 October 2012

Cashew Butter...

Recipe taken from The Tasty Alternative:

   2 cups room temperature raw cashews *
   1/2 teaspoon nut or seed oil (or as needed) 
  1. Add the cashews to blender and start on low, allowing the cashews to turn into flour. Then turn it up a notch and use the tamper to keep things moving.  
  2. You will feel like the motor is going to burn out, but you're okay (and it's loud).  Keep is moving.  
  3. I don't turn the blender on high during this process.  
  4. After it looks really well incorporated and starts getting creamy, add in the little bit of oil and continue blending.  The oil just helps move things along in the final process.  
  5. The cashew butter will be very warm.  Use a silicone spatchula to get everything out.  Don't worry about the little bit remaining between the blades, just make a smoothie and it will clean it right out.  
  6. You can store the cashew butter in an air tight container in the cupboard.  
Cashew Honey Spread:
   1 tablespoon honey
   2 tablespoons cashew butter
  1. Mix until incorporated

*You can use toasted or roasted cashews instead if you prefer.
*If you're not comfortable with 2 cups, start with 1, and after some practice, you can move up to 2 cups.
*They must be room temperature!   
*Add oil as needed.  Don't burn out your motor.
*And PLEASE don't blame me if you do.  :-)

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