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Monday, 30 July 2012


Today I feel like sharing some fond family memories.
Early Sunday morning my Grandfather passed away in his sleep while at hospital. I am glad that he went so peacefully and he is no longer in pain, but I will miss him and remember him with happy memories.
Nanna and Grandfather
on their wedding day.

When I was younger my grandparents lived in a pretty big farm house situated in an area with big green rolling hills, tranquil forests, great mountains and Australia's famous Mount Warning- the central volcanic remnant of an ancient shield volcano, the Tweed Volcano.
They were also located extremely close to an area that was depicted in one my favourite kids movies- Fern Gully- yes it is a real place!
I spent many hours exploring those hills, stream and forests with my siblings, cousins, dad and grandfather.

My favourite thing to do was to go across the road from Nanna & Grandfathers house to the stream and go fossicking for gems that had been washed down stream from the rich gem volcanic soils in the surrounding areas. And we found some bloody good ones too, we would the put them in acid to clean them up, then we cut and polished them!

Another thing I loved to do with grandfather was to debate!
We debated/ talked about a whole lot of things, ranging from peoples way of life, religion, politics, food, to well...everything! We would sit outside in the dappled light, on the little porch coming off the kitchen, and talk about many things, our favourite thing to discuss was ancient history. We talked about ancient civilisations and their way of life, their Gods, their customs, science... everything!
I think he would get a kick out of the course I am about to start at uni this semester- Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology and Folklore.
When I used to visit on my own, most of the time I would be found helping nanna around the house and garden, or I would be sitting talking to grandfather.

These are the memories I choose to hold close to my heart, and will do so for many years to come!
I am looking forward to travelling north for the funeral, to catch up with family and for a chance to say goodbye to a man that I hold dear.
I will miss him, but I am happy he is no longer in pain.

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  1. Thank you Tegan, I love reading your thoughts and feeling about Dad, Grandfather. We all have our own memories about him funny things, happy times, sad things and hard memories. but no matter what he was alway there for everyone of us. He really did love all his children, 16 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. He would be very proud of all of our achivments. Yes he did love a good long chat, he loved talking about history.
    But most of all he love telling people about his family.
    Love you Tegan, From Aunty Janelle