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Friday, 1 June 2012

'The Light-Field'...

I have decided to try my hand at writing reviews of the books I am reading/ have read.
I am starting with the book I am currently reading:
 'The Light-Field' by Traci Harding

It is a typical Traci Harding novel and I am immensely enjoying it.
The story picks up basically straight after the 2nd book - Universe Parallel. There is more information revealed with the characters and more story lines, I hear these completed AND… new ones are started!

If you were to read this novel as a stand-alone it would be very difficult to follow, so I suggest you read this particular series right from the start with 'Being of the Field'.

The story line also interlocks with Hardings previous book and series. So to get all the underlying story lines going on I would suggest you read the other series:
Ancient Future
Celestial Triad

I am looking forward to the next series =D


  1. Oh my glob... she's still writing books in that series? I think I stopped halfway through "celestial triad"... it just seemed a little same-same by then. Is it still following the main characters- Tory and her fellow?

  2. In the The Celestial Triad series there are three books:
    Chronicle of Ages (2000)
    Tablet of Destinies (2001)
    Cosmic Logos (2002)
    These books follow the stories of Tory and Maelgwn as well as others.

    Then she did a series that has very loose connections with the other series, and could actually be read as a series in their own right.
    The Mystique Trilogy:
    Gene of Isis (2005)
    The Dragon Queens (2007)
    The Black Madonna (2008)

    Then she did a series that until the 2nd book is seen as a stand alone series, there are some ties to Anciet Future and the Celestial Triad.
    In the 2nd novel the main characters in this series journey to the 'Universe Parallel' and come across a race of beings. These people believe the main characters to be incarnations of their great ancestors............. This is where the stories start to interlock.
    Triad of Being Trilogy
    Being of the Field (2009)
    The Universe Parallel (2010)
    The Light-Field (2012 - February)

    Hope that helps :D