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Monday, 4 June 2012

Jumping the gun...

Ok, well you know how last fortnight I reported that health things were going swimmingly??
Yeah I may have jumped the gun a little...

Things with my head are indeed a hell of a lot better- less headaches, less tinnitus and less photophobia.
But the other things that were less noticeable are still there:
- The delayed language skills:
Sometimes I feel like a two year old... I don't know how to say something, or I can't think of the words to use. I also mix words up, say the wrong word, stop halfway through a sentence without realising.... When writing this blog and when I am writing in general, I ALWAYS have a thesaurus open so I can find the words I want!!
- The loss of coordination and depth perception
Still better than what it was, but I run into things all the time, I trip over my own feet, or sometimes just lose my balance for absolutely no reason at all.
I Misjudge distances, esp. when it comes to plates and benches!
For other people to see/ hear this is funny! 
Yes I think it is funny too, but it isn't nice to have to deal with on a daily basis.

On the pelvic pain front things have gone from okish to bad…
Since the head is playing nicely with the rest of my body the pelvic pain has gone into over kill- it is screaming for my attention!
- The mild pudendal and perineal nerve pain I had last fortnight is now extreme:
It is now primarily pudendal pain, as it is more the labia and vagina (yes I used those words). The pain is there all the time now, every time I sit down the pain doubles, and it bloody hurts!
It feels like a sharp, hot, stabby pain - like someone has jabbed me with a white hot poker in the lady parts.
 - I am having background pain in the general uterus/ ovaries (both sides) areas, but also acute stabbing pain on the left wall of the uterus, into the hip, groin, and thigh.

So needless to say I am back on Tramadol again, I attempt to refrain from taking it both morning and night but some days I really do need it.

The worst thing is I haven’t been able to see my Physio! 
She is able to move things around a little in my pelvis and bowls and this helps re-align things and it helps with the pain.
She is also able to manipulate the nerves and blood vessels a little so that too would help with the pain!
I am seeing her this week and I cannot wait!!

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