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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dairy Free...

Well I have been DAIRY FREE for just over 4 weeks now, and I must say I can feel the difference!!!

I decided to attempt going dairy free the week before my stenting procedure and have only tested the 'dairy waters' once now.
The weekend after I had made the decision I went to Forster to visit family (my sister in law's baby shower) and there was SOOO MUCH DAIRY EVERYWHERE, like literally pretty much everything had dairy!!
And yet I wasn't tempted to eat any of it (YAY go me!), not even when my niece was eating a cupcake and didn't want it anymore so gave it to me... in the past I would of had it but this time I passed it up = D

I made a creamy chicken pasta a few weeks ago, but I went for a healthier option... goats cheese instead of cheese, lactose free cream (have used this many times in the past) instead of normal cream.
It was nice to eat those things again but I did see an immediate result- the pelvic pain and bloating got worse!

So as a result I am now officially completely diary free. And it's not even as hard as I thought it was going to be, I don't even really miss cheese.
There are soo many substitutes I have found, though it is sometimes hard to find things that are dairy and soy free  (soy products are bad for hormonal disorders).
And I have found that a lot of dark choccy is dairy free too!!! Though most dairy free 'milk' chocolate is made with soy substitutes I have found one that is made with rice milk.

When I get the chance I will put dairy alternatives and substitutes up on my Cookery page.

 Almond Milk Berry Banana Smoothie...

Here is a quick simple idea:
Just put almond milk, strawberries, blueberries and a banana into a blender jug with some ice.
Drink yummies = P

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