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Monday, 25 June 2012

Catch up...

Now I have a little time I thought I would take the chance to share goins-on.

The weekend of the 17th I journeyed to Forster to catch up with family:
We decided to get together as there are soo many of us born within the June/ July period (now May too with the new bubba). So we get together on one weekend and say Happy Birthday to everyone in person.
It was also a good excuse for the chance to meet the newest member of the Dodds clan- Levi Charles Dodds (love his name, so noble), born to my older brother and his wife.
This is their first bubba so it is all very exciting... to be honest I don't think I couldn't get all excited, no matter how many nephews and nieces are welcomed into this world, as they are all precious!
There are now 5 Dodds children- 3 to my eldest brother and his wife, 1 to my youngest brother and his partner, and now the new addition.
The weekend was the first time they all got together, as we all live far apart. My older nephews and niece were excited to spend some time with their cousins, with Ruby being a little mumma and helping with the babies every chance she got- it was soo cute!
On the Saturday morning I got to ride along with my brothers out to Janies Corner. My two eldest brothers went for a bodyboard and my younger brother went for a 5 mile run, followed by a swim - he is the one in the army!!
I got comfortable in the boot, it was a hatch back, with some blankets and watched/ photographed my brothers bodyboarding.
It was a beautiful, crisp, clear winter morning...

The other reason we all got together is a much more sombre one- my youngest brother, the one in the army, is off soon on duty to Afghanistan. I am really proud of him and what he does!
We won't know exactly when he 'shipps out', and he will be gone for a period of 6 to 8 months.  While he is away I am planning on heading to QLD to spend some time with his missus and their baby girl!
I am looking forward to the day he comes home, he will be much missed!

On the journey to and from Forster I had a stop over in the Maitland area with my best friend, Tilly. It isn't very often that we get together any more, as we spend most of our communication time over the phone or through FB. So it was really nice to see her and her partner, and to also have a peek at their new place!

It was my birthday the other day- if you hadn't already figured that out = P
I made myself a cake as it would be impossible to buy a cake that I could eat and not have any ramifications (exacerbation of pain due to health conditions... yes some foods make things worse).
I decided on a choccy cake with all the trimmings but the whole thing is gluten/ wheat/ dairy/ soy free and it is low GI. So really it was all yummy and kinda healthy.
On the day of my birthday I spent the day cooking (the cake and also my yummy breakfast of pancakes), relaxing, and then later that night dinner at a tasty wood fired Italian restaurant across the road with my two close friends that are located within the Wollongong area, and of course M.
The food was yummy and I was able to get 'Tegan food'- I got a traditional Italian pizza, wheat/ gluten/ soy free base with toppings and no cheese!
The awesome thing was that with four people, so four dishes, and entree and drinks the bill was just over $100!!  We were a little flabbergasted and extremely happy- we will defiantly be going back = D

Entrance through the wardrobe into Narnia
On the Saturday I was treated out to a day in Sydney by M. He got me tickets to the Narnia exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum...
It was like fulfilling a childhood dream, stepping into the world of C.S Lewis and his Narnia!
The costumes, sets, characters and creatures displays were amazing. There was so much detail in everything, even the things that were fake- so the swords, jewellery, chests, treasures etc. still had so much detail.
Top right: Reepicheep                   Top left: Bust of Mr. Tumnus
Bottom right: King Miraz armour    Bottom left: White Whitch dress and wand

Afterwards we went to Paddy's Market in the centre of the city. I got a few more raw uncut stones to make into jewellery, and I picked up two more scarfs - I have an addiction to scarves, some people collect shoes, bags, etc. I collect scarves!
We then jumped on a train home, where I promptly fell asleep, and stayed asleep till M. woke me up one stop away from home.

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  1. Happy Birthday for last week or the week before that! It's great that you were able to spend some time with your family and friends as well as your trip to Sydney!