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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Endo up-date...

Well it has been a while since I wrote about my Endo, I thought it was time for a catch up….it has been very much like a yo-yo.

For the past three weeks M. and I have been staying with his father in Forster, as M.’s work in syd had slowed as ‘the boss man’ was in hospital and no one else at work could tell M. what needed to be done (as he is a contractor).
So we have been in Forster and he has been helping his dad out with the lead up to Christmas at the caravan park he manages. I was strictly told that I couldn’t do anything work based while there by M. as “the doctors said not to”.
So I spent my time there sewing my 50’s dress, reading, and doing little spurts of painting.

I spent a lot of time in those 3 weeks driving back and forth from Forster to home to attend my copious weekly/ fortnightly Dr appt’s in Sydney.
 Driving 3 ½ hours each way isn’t all the great on my back not to mention my pelvis and legs. I was able to get around some of the pain by using my TENS machine whilst driving, but it doesn’t block all of the pain.

One particular day M. and I were driving back to Forster after a friend’s wedding in Lake Macquarie. In the morning I wasn’t feeling all that crash hot but it was bearable, I took my morning medications and settled in for the drive.
I was the driver as M. never needed a license till now as living in syd you don’t need a car… this is about to change but that is beside the point…. So I was driving, and within a matter of minutes I was getting shooting pains going down my legs. The pain originated from my groin and ovary areas.
I put up with the pain at first and kept driving, not long after the pain was unbearable and I was not able to continue driving.
We pulled over just outside Newcastle, stopping at a random park with lots of shade, it was a very hot day and as I have mention in previous posts me and the heat don’t mix well.
I needed help getting out of the car and walking over to a spot that was bindi free. I lay down and just focused on my breathing. We where there for a while and when I felt comfortable enough to drive again we walked back to the car and decided to put on my TENS machine. I cranked up the voltage and just sat in the car a while before starting the engine.
Things were kind of going ok and the pain was manageable. I only had two di-gesic tablets left with me and didn’t want to take them in case the pain got worse.
Just outside Bulahdelah we got stuck due to a crash on the South end of the bridge there, no traffic in either direction. We waited for 2 hours before we actually knew what was going on (a head on collision between a car and a truck) and that it would take another 5 hours to clear. During that time we cracked open all the windows and tried to get as comfortable as possible. But the heat was insufferable, luckily there was a guy pushing a portable 10L esky selling cold drinks.
When we heard that our minds were made up turn around and go out through Booral, Stroud and Glouster. This trip would add 1 ½ hours to the trip but it was better than waiting another 5 hours in the sweltering heat.
The detour drive was rather scenic and relaxing, not to mention that as we climbed up the mountains the temperature cooled.
By the time we got back to Forster I was buggered, I took myself to bed along with an ice pack or two, had the last two di-gesic I had been holding onto and hope for sweet sleep to take over me. But alas that did not happen, the pain kept me awake and when I finally did fall asleep kept interrupting my sleep.
The following day the pain wasn’t much better but I had access to constant supply of cold packs and di-gesic, so that improved things a little.
The day after I drove back home (with TENS machine running the whole time) and jumped on a train to Syd to meet up with my Osteopath. The minute she saw me she was like wow you look uncomfortable. It turns out that my right hip was completely forward, my glute muscles had been turned on for a while, and that my pelvic joints were all inflamed. It was sweet relief after my appt… I was able to walk and sit without wincing in pain =D    The following day I saw my Phsyio (she has magic hands, I swear) where I received visceral massage on my pelvis and back… I felt fantastic after that.

Now I am back home for good, well kind of, I still have appts in Syd this week and we are travelling back up to Forster this weekend for my brother’s 30th, but still less driving and more relaxation

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